Becca Collins

Burgh Island


Burgh Island, 2015.

I made frequent, recurrent trips to Burgh Island, a small tidal island on the South Devon Coast, with several buildings owned by the exclusive Burgh Island Hotel. One of my main focuses during my exploration was reflecting upon the intangible thresholds between the hotel and the locals, materialised in the edge of the Burgh Island hotel. Drawing on location forces gestural and expressive marks that allowed to depict repetitive scales of isolation; I camped overnight, drew undercover, climbed the Huers Hut, drew with charcoal from camp fire, became trapped by the tide. This project is an expression of my personal perspectives and emotive experiences whilst visiting this place, exploring both bodily and conceptual qualities in mixed-mediums on paper.

These drawings are collated in 'Founding', a 12 page magazine retrospectively considering personal experiences, offering a solution to the opinion put forward; a bridge between all 'classes; associated with the island - locals and non-natives - and the beginning of political conversations.